ICT Reflection

ICT (Information Communication Technology) is an umbrella term that includes communication device or application, encompassing: radio, television, cell phones, computer and networks hardware and software network, satellite systems and so on (Margaret,R.) ICT sector is one of the most dynamic in Europe The largest ICT markets are Germany, The U.K. and France The largest software market is France Spain is the largest communication equipment One of the ICT trends is Social Media Threats and Opportunities Online Internet is a useful network used to communicate and connect user or peoples account worldwide. Business – Internet is a big help especially to … Continue reading ICT Reflection

Are You the One

An unexpected love story, that happened in unexpected place. A young maiden named Yaya Dub meet Alden, who captures her heart. Lola Nidora is the guardian of Yaya Dub. Lola Nidora disapproved their feelings to each¬†other and she takes Yaya Dub away from Alden. Will their love last forever or it is just an infatuation.¬†   BLURBS In this Valentine Day 2017. Want to feel inlove? ” When love is real, it finds a way. ” – Avatar Roku Continue reading Are You the One